Incentivizing the Salesforce to Maximize GTN

Many pharmaceutical companies award their salesforces and managed market teams based on prescriptions and gross sales. The most highly incentivized individuals may be rewarded for generating the highest gross sales while having net sales that are lower than other members of the salesforce team. This interactive workshop is designed to enhance understanding of methodologies to [...]


New Product Launch Case Study

The case study focuses on the launches of new innovative products transforming the HCV market. Key elements of the go-to-market strategy, payer dynamics and financial investments are evaluated. Methodologies to develop the forecast for the new product launches and underlying assumptions are reviewed. The case study concludes with an analysis of the launch execution and [...]


Payer Negotiation Strategies to Enhance Profitability

This workshop is designed to illustrate key concepts and demonstrate strategies addressing increasing payer pressures to reduce pharma company net sales. Attendees will be active participants in a negotiation role play representing a unique case study. The role play will focus on the payer dynamics after a competitive product with comparable efficacy enters the marketplace. [...]


Impact of Government Programs on GTN

Government programs experienced rapid growth resulting in an increase in the percentage of total retail prescription drug costs from 20% in 2000 to 43% in 2017. Pressure on GTN is escalating since government programs have the highest prescription drug rebates. The workshop is designed to enable participants to understand complexities and key concepts related to [...]



The complexity and external scrutiny around gross-to-net continues to rise. Gross-to-net is impacted by significant volatility, high risk exposure, and material true-up adjustments. The interactive 2020 Gross-to-Net (GTN) Workshop is designed to enhance your knowledge of GTN key concepts including developing accurate estimates of accruals for commercial & government rebates, chargebacks, 340B programs, co-pay cards [...]