Many pharmaceutical companies award their salesforces and managed market teams based on prescriptions and gross sales. The most highly incentivized individuals may be rewarded for generating the highest gross sales while having net sales that are lower than other members of the salesforce team.

This interactive workshop is designed to enhance understanding of methodologies to determine gross and net sales for a PBM/payer contract, patient, prescriber and sales territory. Implications of payer restrictions and co-pay programs on prescriptions and GTN are illustrated along with examples of prescriptions with negative GTN and profitability. Payer contracting scenarios will be evaluated to assess the financial implications for the pharma company. The workshop also includes strategies to negotiate with PBMs/Payers to maximize GTN. Modifications of incentive plans to reward maximization of net sales generated by the sales and managed market teams will be reviewed.

  • Misaligned salesforce incentives – unintended consequences
  • Determining and maximizing total market potential
  • Utilization restrictions – Prior authorization, step edits, tiers & formulary exclusions
  • Payer cost controls – Using leverage to extract higher rebates & price protection
  • Developing a forecasted channel summary by estimating payer mix & rebate rates
  • Utilizing co-pay cards to promote affordable access
  • Impact of co-pay cards on patient abandonment and GTN
  • Implications of co-pay accumulators and maximizers
  • Contracting scenarios – Measuring ROI & sensitivity analysis
  • Negotiating with PBMs/payers for mutual gains – concepts, tips & techniques
  • Estimating gross & net sales per patient, prescriber and PBM/payer
  • Accessing impact of Medicare Part D Donut Hole & Medicaid on GTN
  • Determining impact of Medicaid on GTN
  • Understanding financial implications of rebates coupled with co-pay cards
  • Determining GTN by sales territory, prescriber, patient and PBM/payer
  • Targeting physicians and establishing alignment of territories based on GTN
  • Maximizing net sales in contracts with payers
  • Designing salesforce & managed market team incentive plans to maximize GTN